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Philadelphia native.

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I love pop culture, Seth Green, and Lady Gaga. Fashion is my thing.
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Easter Brunch & Dinner →


It’s the weekend of another family holiday, and I know most of you are shopping today for that fresh new spring outfit to wear Sunday. I work in the retail industry, and the last couple days I’ve never customer-serviced so much before in my life! Everyone seems to need a little help when picking…

Ekstraordinaere's First Fan Friday! →


Starting today, Friday will forever be the day of the week we share our favorite fashions and beauty products. Whether it’s a bargain, or just something we know you can’t live without, every Friday we’ll have a cluster of hand-picked items that we know you’ll love as much as we do. Let’s kick off…

Emma Watson: Style Icon →


Since it’s Emma Watson’s birthday (and I’m a hardcore Harry Potter fan), it’s only proper that I break down her top style moments. From playing Hermione, to being a college undergrad, she’s an amazing icon to young women everywhere, and TRUST she dresses the part. Here’s my top 10 looks worn by…

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